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‘Smart’ Low Level Laser, Hair Growth Helmet

If you have already tried low level laser therapy and love the results, the iHelmet offers you a home based solution. Enjoy fast, effective treatment results without needing to visit the clinic or pay per treatment.

The iHelmet is proven effective in the treatment of Male and Female Pattern Baldness (Androgentic Alopecia), Alopecia Areata, postpartum hair loss, chemo hair loss and pressure hair loss.

A Leading Hair Loss Solution

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) can provide fantastic solutions for hair loss conditions including Alopecia. Laser therapy stimulates damaged hair cells just below the surface of the scalp, stabilising hair loss whilst improving hair thickness and texture. Treatment is especially effective for those in the early stages of hair loss.

Go to Low Level Laser Therapy Treatment to read more about this treatment option at Haair, how it works, treatment stages and the results.

Our treatments are safe and suitable for both adults and children as Kapyderm product ingredients are derived from plants.

ihelmet laser technology

200 Individual Lasers Customised for You

The iHelmet has no less than 200 individual lasers, designed to provide you with complete scalp coverage.

Lasers are divided into 7 adjustable zones that can be customised to match your symptoms. Focus more energy on areas that have experienced greater loss, and less energy where symptoms are not present.

The iHelmet also has a built-in, temperature sensor that automatically adjusts lasers to suit your environmental climate, ensuring optimum treatment temperatures, every time.

Developed with comfort, aesthetics and efficiency in mind, iHelmet is suitable for both men and women.

iHelmet Integrated Mobile App

Designed to give you total control over your therapy sessions, the integrated mobile app allows you to customise your iHelmet and match your needs.

Tailor your treatments to ensure maximum efficiency, record your progress, compare hair loss patterns, set reminders and adjust laser modes.

App features include;

  • Hair loss matching tools,
  • Comparison charts,
  • Treatment records,
  • Progress monitoring,
  • Session scheduling,
  • Planning and session notes,
  • Quick-check data.
ihelmet app

Purchase the iHelmet

The iHelmet provides excellent value for money with one up-front purchase. Enjoy the great results of LLLT from the comfort of your own home and without having to pay per treatment. Typical LLLT treatment can take up to 9 months so the iHelmet can save you both time and money.

All our Products are Clinically Tested - Hypoallergenic -Dermatologically Tested - Paraben Free - Nickel Tested. With Proven results & Patented Formulas,

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