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Why Invest?

Hair loss treatment lasers

The hair loss market continues to develop and grow due to new technology, greater awareness of treatment solutions and better access to these. As life expectancy increases, people have become more willing to invest in long term solutions that will positively impact their health and appearance allowing them to age gracefully.

If you are looking for a way to develop your existing hair or beauty business or would like to become involved in hair loss treatment, investing in a LLLT hair laser from Haair is a great opportunity. With an average laser treatment plan price of £1200 per patient, you can quickly generate an impressive return on investment whilst delivering great results for your patients.

Accessible treatment for all

Patients increasingly want access to permanent hair loss solutions. Millions of people in the UK alone are affected by hair loss conditions which, are progressive and cause a negative impact to their confidence and self esteem.

Low level laser therapy is safe, non-invasive and effective both in terms of cost and results. 99% of those treated find their hair loss stops whilst 8 in 10 report hair re-growth.


Flexible technology for your business

Our specialist hair laser technology represents the very best available on the market. It doesn’t require a full-time operator, takes up minimal space, and requires zero maintenance. Any clinic or salon can install a LLLT machine in their premises and be confident in its ability to work without undue noise, complexity or high running costs.


The benefits of purchasing a LLLT laser

  • Pain free, non invasive treatment
  • Proven hair loss solution
  • Cost effective treatment option for hair loss
  • Great patient satisfaction
  • Attract new patients who may have not considered aesthetic treatment before
  • Access the buoyant hair loss market
  • Zero maintenance
  • No dedicated training or technician required
  • Easy integration into your existing business
  • Low running costs
  • Great return on investment – an average laser treatment plan costs £1200 per patient


Purchasing your Laser with Haair

We offer the very best in LLLT cold laser technology available on the market today, at the very best price. The technology comes with a full 1 year warranty which can be extended as required for a small additional charge.

As a UK based company we provide excellent and comprehensive supply and support saving you time as well as money. We provide an excellent repair and replacement service should you experience any problems. We endeavour to repair or replace any laser machine within 48 hours so your business has minimal disruption.


Flexible purchase options

There are 2 great purchase options available, both offering excellent value for money

One off payment option:

£6000 (exc vat)


£7000( exc vat) including £2000 worth Vivipharma products and Trichological Expert training worth £450

For more information about becoming a Haair laser treatment provider, please call us on 07753230594

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