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Trichologica Professional Hair Care

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Introducing Vivipharma S.P.A

Established in 1977 and still run today by the founding partners, the Vivipharma group is a leader in the dermocosmetic and professional trichology sector. It is a global benchmark in pharmacies, dermatological clinics and prestigious spas, with innovative biotechnological treatments that offer unbeatable quality, value and efficacy.

More than 1500 retailers have chosen our products, which are all medium to high-end, and our catalogue contains over 600 items, ranging from those for more general consumer use, to those which are more specialised and formulated for a more knowledgeable and selective public.

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Join the Trichologica family and become Trichologica Expert with exclusive access to Vivipharma products

Vivipharma products are exclusively available through a network of  Trichologica Experts to ensure customers receive a professional consultation, diagnosis, relevant product advice and appropriate treatment.

The courses we offer at Trichologica Professional are aimed at health and beauty professionals who want to become Trichologica Expert and exclusive distributors for Vivipharma S.P.A.

Our aim is to make hair and scalp care more readily available by providing hair and beauty industry professionals with specialist knowledge and training.

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