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How can I help my hairdressing clients with hair loss?

As a hairdresser, beauty specialist or salon owner, you may often wonder about the best way to help with hair loss and scalp issues. It can be a very upsetting problem for your clients and a frustrating one for you as it’s hard to offer effective solutions.
Become our partner, learn more about hair loss and common scalp issues , add to your offer effective trichological products from Vivipharma.
Trichologica Expert – new to the UK
Trichology is big business in Europe where over a million clients have had their hair loss, scalp issues and hair texture problems, diagnosed and treated. The concept is in its infancy in the UK and we want to make it readily available to all who need it through a network of qualified hairdressers and salons, where clients can get professional advice and care.
By completing a qualification and training at Trichologica Professional, you can become Trichologica Expert. You may wonder as a hairdresser or hair salon owner whether it’s for you and more importantly whether it’s worth investing your time and money. There are many reasons why this exciting new sector is not to be missed!
The Hair Loss market is a big one
We have an ageing population in the UK and a booming hair care industry. You will probably be aware we are investing more in our appearance than ever before as we generally live longer and want to remain looking healthy and confident. But you may not be aware that the global hair loss market is estimated to grow by more than 50% between 2015 and 2024. The NHS estimates in the UK, more than 50% of men experience some hair loss by the time they are 50 years old and 8 million women too.
Hair loss and your clients – relationships based on trust
Hair loss is a sensitive issue best handled with care by someone we trust. If we experience a problem or notice a change with our hair and scalp, the first person many of us turn to is our hairdresser or beauty specialist. You may already have clients who have asked for help and advice but until now there hasn’t been a great deal to offer for them.
Becoming Trichologica Expert
You will learn to identify, diagnose and treat hair and scalp problems such as itching dandruff, redness psoriasis, greasy scalp, dehydrated scalp, seborrhoea, damaged hair from colouring and split ends. By joining us you will be able to offer basic consultations and effective treatments as Trichologica Expert and use the great range of products from our partner supplier Vivipharma .
Develop your business, your staff and your profitability
The cost of taking a course at Trichologica Professional is low and once completed you will be confident to offer consultations and treatment. Ongoing support is available from Trichologica team so when you have questions and whilst you are learning more about the product range, help is always at hand. To find out more contact us:

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