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At Trichologica we provide hair and scalp care products that is safe, effective and affordable.
Our aim is to help you to enter scalp care market simply and without hassle.
You don't need expensive and time consuming trainings to be able to introduce professional dermocosmetics in your salon.

Introducing Vivipharma Labolatori di Ricerca

In our mission to provide affordable and effective solutions for your salon, we have discovered Vivipharma range of products.

Their team of biologists, chemists, cosmetologists, trichologists and technicians created a safe and effective product line, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by Italian universities in Rome, Parma and Ferrara. 

This specialist products treat hair loss, dandruff, seborrhoea, sensitive scalps, dermatitis and psoriasis.

Vivipharma is already well known in Europe with over 40 years’ experience in hair and scalp care.

Good access, advice and affordability

We launched Trichologica in 2018 as a result of our personal experience related to skin and hair diseases and the lack of effective, proven and at the same time inexpensive solutions on the Uk market.

An early and accurate diagnosis of the problem at its initial stage combined with the highest quality of treatments guarantees quick results.

We are convinced that hairdressers and other beauty professionals are often the first point of contact for the client with skin and hair problems. Often you are the first to recognise the symptoms, which makes you the perfect partner for our company.

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Trichologica Team

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