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Flexible job opportunity

A flexible business opportunity

A flexible business opportunity

We all know how hard it is to juggle the demands of modern life – career, family, healthy lifestyle. Ideally we need a flexible working solution where we can choose the hours we work to fit around our other commitments and interests. Joining Trichologica is a great opportunity to become your own boss, manage your own time and develop a successful business.

An exciting new sector

The hair loss market is a large one that is expanding at a great rate due to our ageing population, increased interest in looking younger for longer and advances in science and innovation. Mintel estimate the global hair loss market will double in size between 2015 and 2024 from £5.6 billion to £8.8 billion. It’s a great time to enter this market because it’s also in its infancy in the UK. There aren’t yet many businesses offering dermotrichology services, especially on the regular high street around the UK so competition is minimal. Customer demand will build as hair loss and scalp care become more accessible, and people see the great results Trichologica treatments can offer.

Low start up and running costs

To become Trichologica Expert you need to be qualified by completing training at Trichologica Professional , who run regular courses around the UK. The training is straight forward and comprehensive with ongoing support provided after completion for any questions you have or advice you need, relating to clients and treatment options.

Trichologica Professional work closely with leading hair and scalp care provider Vivipharma Laboratory, to ensure customers have the very best choice in products and treatments. Their specialist product range combines effectivnes and innovation so all treatments are suitable for both men and women.  As a Trichologica partner you will become an exclusive distributor for Vivipharma.  Prices are affordable with good margins so this becomes a good and reliable source of income.

Independence and flexibility

You can set up a Trichologica business at an existing hair salon or beauticians, expanding your business by adding new services and treatments to offer existing clients or attract new ones. Your facilities will be transferable and you won’t need to purchase lots of new equipment, just some Vivipaharma products and a microscope.

Alternatively you could run your  business as a mobile one or from your home, offering appointments when it best suits you and your new clients.   Again the start-up costs are low and the market has huge potential, giving you the opportunity to develop a successful business, get great job satisfaction providing an effective service and a fantastic work-life balance.

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