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Frequently asked questions about Trichologica

What is trichology

Specialisation introduced in the areas of hair care and the treatment of diseases of the scalp. It contributed to the spread of diagnosing and monitoring disorders of the scalp. Helps in all cases of hair loss, baldness and other diseases, such as psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, seborrhea, seborrhea dermatitis of the head.

Who is a Trichologist ?

Trichologist is a specialist in hair and scalp who diagnoses the causes of hair loss, hair breaking, hair thinning, hair miniaturization, scalp diseases and cures according to their cause.

Will I become a trichologist after completing the training?

No – to become a trichologist, we recommend enrolling in a distance learning course at The Institute of Trichologists or The Trichological Society.

Trichologica training was created for hairdressers, beauty specialists or all of those who would like to learn more about the most common scalp and hair condition.

Our mission is to promote the basics of trichology in hair and beauty salons, because we believe that taking care of the scalp and early diagnosis of problems associated with scalp is more effective for the client long term. I will not only reduce the cost to reverse it, but saves them the distress of suffering an issue left undetected and untreated.

By taking care of the scalp and healthy hair of your clients, you not only build healthy and lasting relationships but you save them many problems and expenses counted in thousands of pounds.

Who does the treatment benefit?

Our Science treatments are designed for customers in the early stages of hair loss, hair thinning, preventing further shedding and recovering the damaged follicles. It’s not suitable for those who are already suffer from advance hair loss or severe scalp conditions.


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