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The Hair Loss Cycle

The life of a follicle and the hair (hopefully hairs) it produces is a journey of three parts.

Everywhere you have hair, this process goes on, be it your eyelashes, eyebrows or skin in general, it will follow this simple three step process of growth, life and death.


The hair starts life from the hair bulb in the follicle and for 2- 6 years, dependant on the length of your hair, it grows on average 1cm a month, although this can vary from person to person.

The length of this stage decides how long the hair will grow, from instance your eyebrows spend 30-45 days in the anagen stage.

During this stage, the hair draws nutrients from the blood supply, growing into a fully mature hair.


This is the transitional phase of the hair, where the hair separates from the blood supply and stays in this stage on average for 2-3 weeks. As scary as this may sound, it really isn’t.

On the human head, each follicle is capable of supporting three hairs and the human head has millions of follicles, each at different stages of growth, hence why you normally shouldn’t notice a drastic change.


The hair now fully detached from the blood supply rests, or more accurately the follicle rests, for 3 months in preparation to begin the anagen stage. During this stage, the hair falls out, enough to be noticed when brushing, but in reality is in fact only approximately 5-10% of the many millions of hairs on your head.

The problems begin when the stages in this process are altered, opening you to the potential of hair thinning and miniaturising that will have very noticeable effects if left unchecked.


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