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What is a Hair Replacement system?

Losing your hair can be one of the most stressful periods of your life. Each day you wake up, wander towards a mirror and see something you don’t like. For lots of us, it can feel like we’re losing a huge part of ourselves.

Over the centuries, humanity has come up with countless potions, lotions and treatments to help reverse the path of hair loss. Those treatments have had varying degrees of success, but they aren’t for everyone. What if you’ve already lost your hair, and what if you want instant results? In that case, you should be looking at hair replacement. But what is it? Join us as we explain all.

What is hair replacement?

Hair replacement is exactly what it sounds like – a full replacement for the missing hair on the top of your head. Whilst other hair loss treatments focus on regrowth of hair, a hair replacement module simply and instantly covers the bald section of your head.

You’re likely thinking that this sounds an awful lot like a wig or hairpiece, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A hair replacement begins with a meeting with our in house trichologist, who will design a customised module that’s specifically designed for your age, gender, ethnicity and hair style preference. It’s built atop one of the most advanced and undetectable polymer ‘skins’ known to man. This advanced polymer forms a second (and almost invisible) skin on your head that can breathe as normal, allowing sweat and air to pass through.

That translucent module is then fused with individually implanted human hair. Your own hair colour, density, texture and wave is expertly matched by a trained professional, who creates a bespoke design that’s virtually indistinguishable from your natural hair. When applied to your head, it creates the appearance of perfectly natural hair that can be washed, stroked or otherwise treat like your own hair.

Best of all, this system takes less than a day to fit and is completely free from surgical procedures, instantly giving you your hair back, along with your confidence.

What style can I have the hair in?

Once fitted, your module can be styled in any way you see fit. You’ll have the chance to explain exactly what style you want from a trained hairdressing professional. From there, they’ll style your new hair to perfection, leaving you with your dream look.

What can’t I do with a Hair Replacement?

Not much! Hair Replacement systems fit in to almost any lifestyle, allowing you to take part in sports, go swimming, visit the gym or perform any other day to day activity. They can also be worn in the bath or shower and slept in, making them the ideal all-around solution for those looking for long lasting, natural looking hair.

All in all, hair replacement modules are a fantastic way to instantly get back the confidence that’s lost during the process of balding. We think you’ll love your new hair, so give it a try. Contact our specialists 


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