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How to protect the scalp from the negative effect of hair colouring?

A hair dye is a strong mixture of chemical compounds that
has no neutral effect on the scalp. After dyeing, the skin
is often dry. This phenomenon is clearly noticed by people struggling 
with seborrhea, that after dyeing, their scalp is more 
greasy. Not only. The skin can also get irritated,
and negative features such as itching and burning can be 

Although beauty companies are constantly outdoing 
themselves in inventing newer, milder and more natural 
products for dyeing - remember - hair dye is a strong chemical.

The worst dyeing is tolerated by people who have sensitive scalp,
prone to developing inflammatory changes, erythrodemia or dandruff.
A hairdresser should always carry out an interview with the client
before applying the hair colour product. Ask about allergies problems
or skin condition. Before you colour your hair, always try the product
that will be used for this purpose to ensure that product
does not cause an unwanted and dangerous allergic reaction. 

How to take care of your hair and scalp after you've dyed it ? 
The first stage of "conscious" coloring should be the application of
a protective product called "blocker" on the scalp, which will 
minimize the negative effect on the skin.
We are convinced that once you try dyeing with a good preparation
that protects the scalp, especially if you feel discomfort during
this treatment, you will feel a huge difference immediately 
and you will not want to go back to your previous condition.

And good, because in most cases it is simply a necessity.

In the case of the trichological cosmeceutics Vivipharma it is 
a protective treatment

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