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Introducing Vivipharma Laboratory

Hair loss and scalp problems are not to be taken lightly – they can cause so much upset and frustration and yet there are limited solutions currently available in the UK. When we set up the Trichologica Professional we wanted to rectify this by making help, advice and treatment more readily available. Working together with leading hair care provider Vivipharma Laboratory , we truly believe we can revolutionise the hair loss sector!

Who are Vivipaharma?

Vivipharma  is based in San Marino and has been a leading provider of quality products aimed specifically at hair loss, scalp care and skin care for over 40 years.  Vivipharma products and treatments have helped over 1 million customers with hair loss and the scalp problems that can cause hair loss such as a dry itchy scalp, greasy scalp, psoriasis, dermatitis seborrhoea and pityriasis.

Why have we chosen to work with them?

We believe Vivipaharma products are something special and unrivalled in the market place. We want them to become more widely available through a network of at hair dressers and beauty s Trichologica Experts salons, so those experiencing hair loss and the accompanying conditions can easily access meaningful consultations and effective treatment.

They are highly technical and innovative yet naturally therapeutic and well tolerated by the skin. The products have high levels of natural ingredients such as essential oils, plant extracts, amino acids and vitamins. These natural components have excellent healing properties and are well absorbed by the skin for quick results. All our products are Clinically Tested – Hypoallergenic -Dermatologically Tested – Paraben Free – Nickel Tested with proven results & patented formulas

Proven results with diagnosis before treatment

Vivipharma products can stop hair loss in its tracks, stimulating new hair growth and reversing the process of hair bulb miniaturization. Scalp balance is restored, irritation soothed, with lots more proven positive effects. Hair loss problems can be the result of a range of factors – a stressful environment, bad diet, hormonal imbalances and changes. All need to be taken into consideration to find out firstly what hair or scalp problem you are suffering from and then what the best course of treatment is.

Affordable, quality solutions

We want the Vivipharma range to be accessible so customers can enjoy the benefits of these wonderful products and natural ingredients, whilst ensuring expert advice so recommended treatments are effective. To find out more about the becoming an exclusive Vivipharma stockist and joining Trichologica Professional visit

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