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Why do men lose hair?

We are raised as children in awe of a full head of hair; from TV characters to movie stars, music idols and the media – a mane of flowing locks leads us to believe that we will succeed in all areas of life. Hair is very symbolic in most cultures, with the Native Americans believing that the hair is the physical manifestation of our thoughts; an extension of ourselves. So it is no surprise that baldness denotes certain un-appealing stereotypes.

Even in this day and age – no matter how educated, informed and enlightened we become as a society, these stereotypes still linger. A full head of hair oozes power, youth, masculinity and strength. Balding or baldness on the other hand – sadly – denotes weakness, inferiority, unattractiveness and ageing.

And yet every man on this planet will lose a certain amount of hair steadily throughout his life. So it’s no surprise that whether you are eighteen or eighty, hair loss is a horrible hair-raising issue for any man whether it’s a slight thinning on top to complete baldness and everything in-between.

So what actually causes male balding? Studies have shown that there are three major reasons why men lose their luscious locks and these can be linked to;

  • Genes
  • Age
  • Hormones

Together, these factors determine the eventual minimizing of the individual scalp follicles, resulting in increasingly shorter, finer strands. Eventually, this process results in no hair being produced, thus creating baldness of the scalp. Genetically, men who come from a line of relatives who suffer or suffered hair loss will more likely go bald than those who have been bred from men with a full head of hair. Furthermore, as you grow older and your body changes, so does your hairline. Interestingly however, studies have shown that castrated men who no longer produce the male hormone Androgen maintain their tresses. In addition, there are a number of explanations and determinations for hair loss in men ranging from iron deficiency to malnutrition, severe illness, high vitamin A dosage as well as a side effect to certain drug usage.

Have you ever noticed that male hair loss or balding is not random? That’s because there are three dominant zones on the scalp that commonly lose hair and each area has a specific pattern.

  • The Receding Hairline. Did you know that more than 95% of men lose their original boyish hairline as they grow up? This results in hair loss at the temple which lengthens the face and ultimately gives a mature look. Usually the hair loss in this zone is slight and happens slowly over a long period of time, however the effects can be highly noticeable; especially in younger men. Receding hairlines are often the first clue to further hair loss.
  • Crown Balding. This zone mimics the tonsure hairstyle of Christian Monks; the hair loss begins at the back of the skull and spreads outwards creating a circle of baldness, growing larger and larger in circumference.
  • Thinning On Top. This hair loss zone is most noticeable due to the parting of the hair becoming gradually wider, exposing more and more bare scalp. Many men have tried to hide this thinning by using the comb-over technique, desperately trying to conceal the bald patch; sadly, failing in most cases. This is also the most common hair loss pattern for women as they mature.

Further to the structured Three Hair Loss Zones, hair loss does not happen randomly; it’s a bit like a domino effect. When hair loss strikes in one hair follicle, it spreads to all other follicles surrounding it, taking out hairs like a tsunami wave. However, it is possible for some men to lose up to half of their hair without even noticing a visible bald area!

How do you know if you are going bald? Aside from watching your locks get washed away down the drain, or noticing an increase in runaway strands in your comb, one of the first signs is either feeling the cold more, or experiencing a sunburnt scalp.

If you are going bald, what can you do to stop the process or reverse the hair loss? There are a number of options available in today’s world from hair transplantation surgery to highly effective medication such as Adenosine and natural herbal remedies like Saw Palmetto. Don’t let your self-esteem go down the drain with your hair.


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