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Our Products

We work with the fantastic range of dermocosmetics from Vivipharma Labolatory , leading manufacturer of trichological products specifically targeted at hair and scalp issues, culminating in hair loss. The product range is clinically tested with patented formulas and already used by a large client base in Europe.

Diagnosis first

The product range is available through qualified hair and beauty salons. This is to ensure customers are given a full diagnosis and advice on the most appropriate options rather than self diagnosing an inappropriate and ineffective one, wasting money and time.

Vivipharma Trichological Products

Vivipaharm treatments are based on highly technical and innovative products that are naturally therapeutic and well tolerated by the skin. High levels of natural ingredients and balanced formulas ensure they do not trigger or exacerbate irritation.

All Vivipharma products are the culmination of over forty years of experience in our research laboratories, which hold several exclusive international patents. During production, products undergo strict quality controls: our highly scientific raw materials are carefully selected and all products undergo a rigorous testing procedure to ensure they are safe, pleasant to use and effective. They are all hypoallergenic, nickel tested, paraben free and clinically tested