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How To Prevent Hair Loss

The first signs of thin or damaged hair can be quite alarming, especially if you aren’t aware why its condition has deteriorated. It could just be age, but if you’re worried about something more, or feel extremely protective of your hair, take a look at these  preventative measures that actually work.

Regular head massages

Believe it or not, getting a 20-minute treatment from a trained masseuse can do wonders for your hair. Their professional technique can stimulate your scalp, increasing blood flow to your follicles.

Additionally, stress therapy can keep your body’s physical processes in good order, preventing strain and tension from influencing your hair’s general health. Even meditative exercises could be beneficial without you realising it.

Switch shampoo

As much as store-bought hair products like to proclaim their nutritional dynamism, many of the high street brands aren’t sufficient for encouraging lasting shine and thickness. If you really want to protect yourself from hair loss, something with an actual pedigree may be just the thing. Our extensive range of Vivipharma products are technical and innovative  hypoallergenic -dermatologically tested – paraben free – nickel tested  and well tolerated by the skin, View the full range here.

Change your diet

Our go-go work culture makes eating well more difficult than ever; it’s common for people to merely snack on what they can during the day, sacrificing good vitamins for an easy fix. If you’re seriously concerned about future hair loss, then try to redress this at every opportunity.

Eat plenty of vitamin -rich foods, like eggs, cheese and anything that contains protein. Fish is a great source of iron, whilst any fruit bursting with Vitamin C will synthesise collagen supporting hair growth.

Don’t be afraid of supplements

With the above point in mind, there are doubtlessly going to be occasions when dietary requirements go out of the window. If you’re constantly on the move, or simply without the time to prepare a balanced meal schedule every week, then a supplement could be just what you need.

The perils of time or genetic predispositions can loom large for any of us. Hair loss is not something that should be taken lightly, and you’re justified in searching for measures to prevent it. At Haair, we offer a full range of treatments to combat this fear before it takes a hold of your life.


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