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RAYCOMB Wholesale Opportunity

‘Smart’ Hair Massager

If you are a hair and beauty professional or have a related business, the Raycomb offers a fantastic opportunity to bring all the benefits of of laser and PRP (platelet rich plasma) in a non-invasive way – right in the comfort of your home!.

Customers find the Raycomb provides excellent value for money – fast, effective treatment results without needing to visit the clinic or pay per treatment.

Raycomb – Take Home Technology

For more information on Raycomb technology click here 

Please contact us to discuss opportunities – info@trichologica.co.uk

For Wholesale prices you have to be registered with us as a Wholesale customer. Email info@trichologica.co.uk for more information.

If you’d like more information on our state of the art laser light therapy, or any other business opportunities We offer,
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