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SCIENCE Protective Seda Complex Treatment with Keratin For Perm And Coloured Hair- Brittle And Damage Hair contains 5 tubes 15ml

The beauty of hair is found in the shaft in which alfa helix keratin fibrils are immersed in a sulfur-rich matrix. Day after day, hair loses layers of Keratin and becomes progressively duller, more brittle and unruly. Moreover, every permanent, colouring, discolouring and highlighting processes change hair structure by altering the quality of hydration, shine, elasticity, firmness and strength.

The Protective Keratin Treatment for Permanent and Coloured Hair develops thorough care: its innovative emulsion – pure nutrient concentrate – protects delicate skin and damaged hair (caused by colouring, highlights etc.) and provides colour that will last while repairing it from the inside.

The treatment’s innovative formula contains SedaComplex®, a full synergy of active ingredients with extraordinary regenerating power and an outstanding lifting effect.


• Natural peptide complex with an exclusive lifting effect (Keratin, Tryptophan, Cysteine, Methionine, Lecithin, Rhodochrosite). Keratin of the highest quality with Amino Acid chains identical to those found in hair restore the 3D structure of triple helix Keratin to re-establish hair density and resistance.

• Phyto-extracts (Urea, Allantoin, Viscum album, Fennel, Lemon Balm, Yarrow, Hops) to hydrate, protect, soothe and improve skin’s elasticity.


When to use it?

To protect hair and skin from damage resulting from colouring, highlights, permanents, flat irons, blow dryers etc. To restore hair follicles and provide lasting hair colour.

Key strengths

Put an end to colour that irritates your skin! You can finally colour your hair without harming your scalp. An extraordinary lifting effect on hair thanks to the innovative SedaComplex phyto-complex in synergy with Keratin.

Hypoallergenic – Dermatologically Tested – Nickel Tested



Distribute on clean scalp and hair. Do not rinse and proceed with drying. Repeat the Treatment 2 times a week. Regular use improves hair flexibility, tone and body making the color brighter and the permanent softer.

Apply Protective Treatment: 5 ml on dry skin before applying the dye, 5 ml directly into color mixture, 5 ml after shampooing. Do not rinse.

Hypoallergenic – Dermatologically Tested – Nickel Tested


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