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Raycomb – Hair Massager

The Raycomb, created for you by our partner Vivipharma, is the innovative answer to the application of your hair treatment needs, designed to stimulate physiological hair growth.

It does this in three ways:

Add your product, which is delivered to your scalp through the bristles and switch on one of three modes (or all three at once) for optimum effect.

Switch on the micro-vibrational mode for a massage to work the product into your hair and scalp. For home low level laser therapy, hit the photobiomodulation mode to promote tissue repair and combat inflammation directly. Switch on the Ion mode to boast your recovery.

This product is especially good at delivering lotion based treatments e.g. tonic treatment with adenosine, where they are needed, effectively without waste.



PURPLE LED: purple light Raycomb

  • Counteracts microbial activity and strengthens skin’s immune system.
  • Ideal for irritated, sensitive skin and dermatosis.



  • Re-balances cell turnover, regulates dandruff and sebum light Raycombblue light Raycomb
  • Reduces itching and stimulates the lymphatic system.





  • Increases mitochondrial (Biochemical Energy) ATP light Raycomb
  • Recommended for “hair builders”, it reactivates blood circulation.

It can be used combined with the Micro-vibrational Massage.



MICRO-VIBRATIONAL MASSAGE with application of the product 

  • Activates the dermal system.MICRO-VIBRATIONAL MASSAGE
  • Increases microcirculation and the supply of oxygen and nutrients.
  • Counteracts hair loss (weak and thinning hair).
  • Improves elasticity, silkiness, hydration and skin’s condition.
  • Eliminates skin micro-tensions that cause a reduction in hair vascularisation



ION MODE (alternating positive/negative ions)

  • Transfers invigorating bio-molecules to hair base.
  • Stimulates acupuncture points and helps release energy to the scalp. Relieves pain.
  • Facilitates the elimination of toxins and free radicals.
  • Works on the polarity of cell membranes.


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