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SCIENCE Shampoo Energising Treatment For Coloured Hair with Sabila 200ml

Hair colour is connected to melanin, natural pigments protected by the roots. In black and brown hair we find eumelanin, in blond and red hair we find pheomelanin. Hair exposed to the sun undergoes the photodynamic oxidizing action of solar rays, to which follows the keratin and melanin degradation with colour fading.

Damaged hair that is thinning, dull, colourless and white needs specific nutrients, especially during cleansing. Shampoo Energizing Treatment contains the precious molecules provided by extract of Sabila to add an outstanding “energizing anti-age boost” to the formula. Regular use of this product will restore the physiological pH balance to scalp (an essential requirement for keeping it healthy) while sealing hair’s capillary fibre. It also prolongs colour’s shine, reflections and intensity.



When to use it?

When you need to restore shine to hair’s natural colour. When follicles stop producing melanin and hair turns white.

Key strengths

Exclusive colour treatment that is highly regenerative. It energizes weakened, coloured, thinning, and dull hair as well as hair that has been stripped of colour and white hair.  The Energizing Colour Treatment with Sabila (Aloe Barbadensis) for oxidized hair includes Shampoo and Tonic. It was formulated specifically to strengthen hair follicles, counterbalance greying or oxidized hair that is losing its colour.

Hypoallergenic – Dermatologically Tested – Nickel Tested



On damp hair, make partings over the entire scalp and apply drops of Hair Shampoo line by line. Emulsify with water and massage gently. Leave on 3-5 minutes to enable the action of the active ingredients and rinse. If necessary, apply the shampoo again. Apply Tonic Energising Treatment

Hypoallergenic – Dermatologically Tested – Nickel Tested


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