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Stimulate Your Hair Growth with These 4 Superfoods

Whether it’s the first time or you’ve been through the mill, when you experience hair loss, it’s almost always a traumatic experience. We can panic, or we can put together an action plan. Eating the right foods can ensure you have all the necessary vitamins and minerals for to stimulate hair growth, when your body needs them most.


As the old adage goes “you are what you eat”, and there is an element of truth to that saying. If you are suffering from symptoms, take a second to analyse what it is you’re eating. Most of us could agree that there is room for improvement in our diets.


Finding the right balance of foods with health benefits, and not having to scientifically plan out your meals is something that may seem scary at first, however as they say knowledge is power. With this is mind, we’ve pulled together a simple list of superfoods that you can add to your diet with ease, and give your body the right nutrients to help your hair growth.





First on the list is superfood Salmon, one of the best food out there that you can consume to help your hair grow lovely and thick. Salmon is remarkably full of rich proteins and vitamin D and helps your body replenish fatty acids that your body is unable to produce.


This fishy dish can help you strengthen your hair and is also a fantastic source of Omega 3 and other natural oils known to promote scalp health. Oils that are full of fatty acids have been studied in both animal and clinical trials, and are reported to nourish hair, reduce scalp inflammation, thicken hair, and improve skin health.



Yellow Peppers


One of the more surprising food on our list is the fabulous Yellow Bell Pepper. When seeking out the best of the best, you’ll stumble across this little gem. These peppers are absolutely crammed full of vitamin C, the go-to vitamin your body needs for hair growth.


Yellow Bell Peppers have around 5 times more vitamin C than you’ll find in oranges and most people are completely unaware of how great they are. Vitamin C gives your body the fuel it needs to protect itself from damage to cellular structure, and it is known to help your body fight oxidative stress, known to contribute to signs of aging and hair loss.





Oysters are another one of nature’s little wonders and are absolutely packed full of Zinc. For those of us that aren’t in the ‘nutritional know’, Zinc is responsible for helping your body produce enzymes that support your hair follicle activities.


Hair loss and scalp problems are commonly found in those who have insufficient quantities of Zinc in their body, alongside other ailments and health problems. Consuming just 85g of oyster provides you with around 490% of your recommended. Incorporating these into your diet can help you prevent further hair regression and can support your hair treatment efforts.





Lastly we have to bring up the one food you’ll find at the top of every health food list, Eggs. Read a little of the information out there and you’ll find reports of people using eggs to wash their hair, make egg face masks, make raw health drinks and many other weird and wonderful ideas.


This craze is born out of the fact that eggs have been used throughout history, long before manmade products, and have the backing of thousands of health professionals with countless benefits to the body reported.


We wouldn’t go as far as recommending egg shampoo, however just getting eggs into your diet can help your body restore natural oils for a healthier scalp, provide you with essential vitamins, and give your body more protein. They also include vitamin B1 and B2, for healthier shiny hair, vitamin B3, to help hair growth, and vitamin B5, known to slow down signs of ageing and greying hair. With so much goodness at a low cost, it’ s no wonder eggs are viewed as the holy grail of health foods.



Of course, eating these foods is not going to cause your hair to regrow immediate, however by eating the right foods, and getting the right treatment, you can give your body the best fighting chance at recovery.


If you’re experiencing hair loss, Haair are a professionally recognised specialist clinic, and have a multitude of treatments available that can be tailored to treat your symptoms.

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