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Womens Hair Loss Treatments

Styling Tips For Women With Thinning Hair

As a woman, hair loss can be a sharp and unmanageable blow to your self-confidence. Thinning hair may seem like an issue that’s impossible to escape from, but it’s important to note that not all hair loss is permanent, and there are always methods to style your hair back to its beautiful best.

Clever styling tricks can boost your confidence and make your condition barely noticeable to friends, family and co-workers. We’ve come across some intelligent tips to work with thinning hair, and we’d like to share them with you:


Don’t dye too dark

Thinning hair will seem much more problematic if your scalp is showing through underneath. To counter, we recommend opting for the lighter end of the spectrum: chestnut, blonde, or strawberry red colours are infinitely preferable to deep shades of black and chocolate brown.


No pull-backs

Top-knots, buns, dreadlocks and pigtails will only exert more pressure on your roots, so stay away from them where possible. Why not try an up-do instead? Or how about a bob that’s textured for a non-wispy look? Any worthwhile hair stylist will be able to advise on viable, short cuts that don’t rely on heavy volume.


Extend yourself

However, if you’re totally against the idea of shorter hair, you can complement long cuts with a couple of subtle hair extensions. You’ll likely want to give a sense of unity and fullness by choosing colours that match your natural shade fairly closely.

Just remember to never underestimate the striking appearance of light blondes and browns running together, for a highlighted effect that draws attention to your locks for the right reasons. Many of our clients use extensions as a temporary solution, before seeking something more permanent.


Beware of overheating    

Straighteners, blow dryers, and hot rollers don’t have to leave your dressing routine, but they have to be used carefully. Its common sense to never burn your hair into submission, and women with thinning hair must always strive to switch items to their lowest heat setting. These tools can still give you a boost and a voluptuous lift when you need it, as long as you prevent already-vulnerable hair from being damaged.


Switch styling products

Your hair care routine can have a big impact on the volume and strength of your hair. This can easily be addressed with a few smart switches that reinforce your hair follicles and prevent thinning. Leading trichology specialist Vivipharma, provides a fabulous range of expert treatments and cosmoceutics products for everyday use. All products combine innovative technology with natural ingredients for maximum effect with minimum irritation. We greatly recommend these products and are fully trained to help and advice which are best for you and your hair. Please contact us for further information..

Hair loss is an extremely sensitive issue for women across the UK. Although these tips are fairly simple and achievable, you might want a more permanent solution to redress the balance.

Haair has helped countless women regain their confidence with non-surgical treatment. To explore further options that will help you combat hair loss, get in touch today, to arrange a private, personalised consultation in one of our clinic.

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