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Mens Hair Loss Treatments

Surprising Facts About Hair Loss

For such a widespread issue, thinning hair is shrouded in all sorts of mystery. There’s a lot of talk surrounding hair loss, certainly, but what’s true and what isn’t tends to be shrouded by general anxieties about the condition.

At Haair, we know that the truth of the matter can be far more surprising than any rumours swirling at its edge. So, without further ado, here are 5 unusual facts about hair loss, and what they mean to your treatment:


50% of a man’s hair can vanish before you notice it

Incredibly, half of your hair can recede critically before anyone picks up on it. By the time it’s noticeable, the condition has already set in, making a swift diagnosis crucial to fighting the damage. Our therapists offer fast-acting treatment, although it can take several months for improvement to show.


Pregnancy can throw your hormones off-kilter

This is common knowledge, yet fewer people know that oestrogen plays a key role in combating the androgen hormone – a steroid that is one of the main triggers for reduced growth in your hair follicles. Pregnancy, like menopause, destabilises your oestrogen count, meaning there is a greater chance of androgen coming to the fore.


Pulling out grey hairs DOESN’T sprout more

We’re all told that grey hairs are there to stay. But pulling out a grey hair, and expecting that it will grow back the same, has no basis in fact. It’s still not the best idea, since rigorous and consistent pulling can harm and scar the follicle, preventing any hair growth at all.


Hair loss can be predicted by age

Although hair loss is common amongst young people too, the likelihood gets higher depending on your age. ‘No surprises there’, you may be thinking, but it’s astounding how well the statistics match up to the decade you’re living in. Essentially, a man in his 20’s has a 20% chance of experiencing male-pattern baldness, whilst a 30-year old sits at 30%, a 40-year old 40%, and so on.


DHT inhibitors really do work

As our understanding of thinning hair develops, there’s a growing emphasis on the chemical processes driving the change. The most important discovery has involved DHT, a hormone that’s five times more powerful than testosterone for influencing hair loss.

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