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Vivipharma Laboratory

Science Hair Products

Introducing Vivipharma

Vivipharma is a leading, specialist manufacturer of innovative professional products for skin and hair. The range of trichological products are specifically targeted at hair and scalp issues which culminate in hair loss.

Established in 1977 and still run today by the founding partners, the Vivipharma group is a leader in the dermocosmetic and professional trichology sector. It is a global benchmark in pharmacies, dermatological clinics and prestigious spas, with innovative biotechnological treatments that offer unbeatable quality, value and efficacy.

More than 1500 retailers have chosen our products, which are all medium to high-end, and our catalogue contains over 600 items, ranging from those for more general consumer use, to those which are more specialised and formulated for a more knowledgeable and selective public.


All Vivipharma products are the culmination of over forty years of experience in our research laboratories, which hold several exclusive international patents. During production, products undergo strict quality controls: our highly scientific raw materials are carefully selected and all products undergo a rigorous testing procedure to ensure they are safe, pleasant to use and effective. They are all hypoallergenic, nickel tested, paraben free and clinically tested.

Thanks to Trichologica, Vivipharma products are now available in the UK.

Why Vivipharma Is So Special…

Vivipharma products contain a high concentration of active components with healing properties. Their formula contains essential oils, plant extracts, amino acids and vitamins. The patentet formulas and structural components are well absorbed for quick results.

  • Stops hair loss and stimulate hair growth
  • Reverses process of hair bulb miniaturization
  • Restores scalp balance
  • Fights dandruff
  • Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-itching, regenerative, detoxifying, fungicidal, restorative and exfoliating
  • Soothes itching, irritation and tension of the epidermis
  • Oxygenates deep skin layers
  • Regulates sebaceous gland function and decrease sweating
  • With over 40 years experience, they have proven results
  • Technology and nature are combined to ensure innovation and natural therapeutic qualities

Discover our Vivipharma product range – See the full range

All our Products are Clinically Tested - Hypoallergenic -Dermatologically Tested - Paraben Free - Nickel Tested. With Proven results & Patented Formulas,

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